Homebuyer Survey

The Homebuyer Survey is the economy survey option; it’s a short report produced in a standard format and is less thorough and detailed than a full building survey.

Homebuyer surveys cover your building, site and services, focusing mainly on any defects that our surveyors think are urgent or significant.Homebuyer surveys

The survey also includes:

  • The general condition of the property,
  • Any points you should refer to your legal adviser,
  • Other problems that don’t seriously affect the purchase price but may put off potential buyers.


We do not recommend this type of survey for commercial properties or for residential buildings which are in a particularly poor state or repair.

We do not recommend this type of survey for residential property and would prefer to undertake a full building survey but provide an abridged report for the same level of fee.

For advice on the best type of survey for your property, and for a quotation, contact Kingsley Associates (Surveyors) Ltd.